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Aegon case. Featured.


Aegon wants to enable customers to make conscious choices for a healthy financial future. Promotion and explanatory animations were made for various campaigns. Bigfish’s task was to develop a uniform, clear and perfectly aligned visual style with Aegon brand.


We keep it light when possible. We also use Stock footage with an animation layer and humor when the subject allows it. We use a mix of stock footage and animation. The animation style consists of separate cut-out photos with tight white outlines. That way we can create all kinds of different settings. The (potential) customer is informed in a clear, attractive and, where possible, light-hearted manner in order to make conscious choices.

  • AEGON Case Financiële Master
  • AEGON-Case-Computer
  • AEGON-Case-Sparen-voor-Later-Video
Project AEGON Commercial animatie

One campagne. One goal.

Aegon aims to enable their customers to make conscious choices about their financial future. An important subject that concerns many Dutch people, but not everyone has the right knowledge. In addition, it is often complex and difficult to explain.

BigFish was approached to help with this through helpful animation videos. Using motion graphics, sound design and textual content, it is possible to bring information visuallt to life. The end result: light-hearted, humorous animation films that convey the message in a clear way.

AEGOn Case Spaarpot
AEGOn Case Sparen voor Later
AEGON Case Computer

Difficult topics. Easily explained.

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